Unpacking boxes

I have boxes of quilts, tops, blocks, fabric, buttons, patterns that I have moved to this final location.  Along the way a number of boxes from Mom also were added.  I divided the quilts themselves into three groups; the ready to sells, the cutters, and the ones needing repair.  I divided the tops in a similar way, the ready to sell and the ones needing repair.  Unfortunately, the “needing repair” pile is significant.

For the buttons I think I am going to put them in the garage storage room for now. They are so heavy and  they mostly need sorting and identification.  Most are packaged and marked, but there are sacks of orphans. Anybody want any mother of pearl buttons? I have thousands.

Fabric – oh where to begin. I have quite a bit of yardage that is already priced and stacked, but I have found boxes of undated and unpriced fabric. Some I am sure came from Mom’s shop in the 1970′s, my grandmother’s unused fabrics, and assorted odds and ends I have picked over the years.  I am putting that in the big walk in closet for now and just working on it later.

Found an unquilted top with the backing fabric in the boxes. The top was made by my great-grandmother from my grandmother’s aprons when she was in nursing school in Chicago in 1917.  It is an unusual flower basket design, with the indigo apron fabric used in the actual baskets.  My great grandfather marked the quilt with wreaths and flowers. My mom gave it to me to quilt years ago and I had forgotten about it.  I hand quilt, usually using a hoop. I have a nice frame set up to take advantage of the natural light. I intend to use a cotton batting and set it up to quilt it.  I also found a partially quilted 1890′s nine-patch that I will need to finish quilting. I think I put it away in 1990 and forgot about it.

I find myself as the last in a long line of quilters in my family. There are number of tops needing to be quilted and if I don’t do it…it won’t be done.  In addition I have a “Double Wedding Ring” that my grandmother made.  Either out of thrift or error she created the quilt with a backing that was about 5 inches to small all around the quilt. It is unfinished and will have to be “fixed”.  I added that  to the needing work pile.

I have only emptied out one of the closets, the large one has not been touched. I am almost afraid to open the door. I guess I have all those things to work on in my retirement.


Hello Quilting World!

After an extended absence from the quilting world, I am once again embarking on Needle Ark.  It was a business that once carried all my hopes and dreams and took me much further than I could have ever imagined.

Stay tuned as the Ark is once again launched into cyberspace. I know, I tried it once before and was less than successful. However my internet guru assures me that I am capable of doing this.  I still do all my quilting by hand….is the internet ready for me?